Wassup peoples this is your kid DOOMSTER AKA” DOOM XL“, AKA Billy Roids, AKA King AbNon….. and I would like to welcome you into my world. A world clashing with many ideas derived from my adventures in this earth. If you are checking the blog out for the first time take your time and enjoy, comment drop some love or hate, we just started up and a lot of work will be uploaded and discussed . Absolute Nonsense is the brand consisting of design projects within the art realm via sculpture and toy design as well as many other art forms. Many  ideas of culture, society, and social awareness will be looked at also and cited  in design and in its realm in true light. Some may get offended but they are just opinions, not facts. Don’t be surprised to see aesthetics discussions, also many other topics will be touched such as music, 90’s living, and so on… so stay tuned for more to come…….Peace Love and Truth… Absolute Nonsense


2 thoughts on “Welcome…

  1. You talk all this jibber jabber but your nothing but a clown. A low life scum bag who is on the same bandwagon all these bums thinking there going to sell there music and art. SCUM BAG!

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