RIKI-OH will kick your a**!

If you ever get a chance to check out a cool flic, check out Riki-Oh. Its a japanese manga, turned flick, and one of the goriest films too. It has to do with a dude who has super human strength and is sent to jail for avenging his girlfriends death. When in jail he meets up a whole bunch of characters which he eventually fights and kills them in the most interesting way similar to if you were to see an episode of, Fist of the North Star, with exploding heads and body parts chopped up, and to add to the insult, riki can kick your ass without touching you so either way you get on this bad mofo’s badside you’re done. Overall the flick is really dope and if you can find a copy watch it. Some may disagree and say its bad but look at all the garbage out now, thats all special effects and have no storry…This movie is great so if you have a chance peep it and enjoy it or i might have to Riki-oh somebody…. DOOMSTER.


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