Brooklyn Bodega Show June 12 at the brewery park!

One of my favorite concerts is coming up this weekend, where yearly we see real Hip Hop acts perform. This isn’t any MTV sucker free crap or BET 106 and park Rapcity garbage but real music for ears to listen. The Brooklyn Bodega Hip Hop festival occurs every summer at the old brewery and always has some of the best acts consisting of everything that is real Hip Hop. Last year was a memorable show with Ghost Face headlining the Show as well as performances by Dres of Blacksheep, Tanya Morgan, Large Pro, Skillz, Chub Rock, Sean Price and the Whole BCC, shout outs to BCC they ripped the show and reped Brooklyn, and more. This year however we have one of the fore fathers of hip hop headlining, with guest Dj Premier, Buckshot, one of my Favorite Groups Blu and Exile which I suggest people get on cause these dudes are something serious and special for real listeners, as well as other guest and invites. The event will be hosted by Uncle Ralph McDaniels, who is a legend in the game, and will be live and popping rain or shine. More Info on the event can be found at the website Brooklyn Bodega and please donate for this event because quality is overlooked by the quantity. On that hope to see friends FAM and fellow music appreciators…Much Love Peace and Truth…DOOMSTER


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