Listening To Soulja boy may cause nausea and ear bleeding…

What The F*ck is going on with music? I know its my opinion and a whole bunch of other people as well but, someone should stand up in the music industry, someone with power and voice, and should shut this lil corny kid up! People wonder why music has no value, well here’s the answer; because we allow shit like this to surface and get mainstream play while real music that has lyrics, production, and theory get overlooked at because the power of the dollar matters most, when will we learn. I’m still going going to wait for that date so in the meantime I’m going to listen to some good stuff that i know one line has more power than Soulja Boy’s whole career put together… R.I.P. Dilla…DOOMSTER.


Listen to this if you wish to cause yourself some sickness we’re not responsible for any bodily discharge…


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