You’re My Boy Blu

If you have been peeping the blog, you may have seen that I mentioned a group called Blu & Exile. Well my man Blu has many other projects consisting of groups such as Johnson & Johnson, and C.R.A.C. Knuckles among some. This dude Blu is an amazing lyricist from Cali, and the boy is on point, punchlines metaphors word play is ridiculous plus he has an ear for good production the guy is creative and talented. I remember hearing Below the Heavens, last year, and I was like wtf, the guy is nice. Its dope that he has so much more material, and quality too, the guy is unbelievably talented… Those who are going to be in NYC this weekend be prepared for a double dosage of the dude where he will be performing at the Brooklyn Bodega concert on sat plus at SOBs on Sunday, so show the dude some support go cop Below the Heavens and get your Blu mixtape game up…Support Real Music…DOOMSTER.
Checkout Blu at his myspace:

Johnson and Johnson Powder and Oils Mixtape


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