Toy of The Day.

Toys have always been a passion of mine since my first Thundercats toy. I’m a big vinyl toy collector and I have lots of them spanning from Gundam models to Kidrobot Fatcaps. Some may say yeah they are toys but I say NO! They are not toys but pieces of art, which I collect. So in the end I look at it, as if I was collecting art. Also stay tuned to my own toys coming out as well! But anyways if you collect toys or if you’re interested in starting Mark Bode has released a new toy based upon his fathers characters. Vaughn Bode was a graffiti legend from the 70’s to the 80’s notorious for such characters as the Cheech Wizard. The Bode name is infamous with New York street culture as well as in design and illustration. Mark bode used his father’s Broad figure as the premise of this toy. The Bode Broad, which is a voluptuous female figure is taken from the sketches and brought to life in 3-d via a vinyl 14″ tall figure which is available now and comes in white and also in color as well. And for the hardcore collector there are custom Bode Broads available from the toy release so if you got a chance get it while it hot…DOOMSTER


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