New Gundam Models


While i was bored at home one day, i started doing my usual browsing on the internet i went to one of my fav sites from japan for models…Yes I’m a dork screw you!!!! but anyways i peeped some new stuff from the unicorn series which was from a graphic novel not produced for tv yet. The Sinanju MSN-06s is a Zion suit with crazy rocket packs heat axes, and crazy shield with a gold zion logo…I was thinking” i witnessed one of the dopest Zion mobile unit!”, it reminded me of Char’s Sazabi which is another badd ass Zion suit…as soon as i saw it  i had to get it. dropped a good 100 for it and wow dope ass model lost of details no rubber joints like most high grades but the details on the kit are crazy, and the craziest part is that this mg 1/100 does not compare to the resin badboy i found on ebay at a 1/72 scale from g systems that’s pretty freaking big…however this bad boy has a pricier tag its still worth it given that the quality and visual details of this mobile zion suit… anyhow if you into big robots, gundam, or cool collectibles check out the sinanju models at your local hobby toy shop if not the bay!!!!!!!!!

King AbNoN


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